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Loadz is a software-based platform that provides brokering services. We connect people and businesses with local and reliable pickup truck drivers through our easy to use mobile application. Think of it as you always have a truck and help in your pocket.

The Loadz Drivers are local independent contractors in your community that own pickup trucks to help you with all your delivery, moving and hauling needs. All of our independent drivers are fully background checked and vetted. The drivers are also trained by industry professionals on all loading and transporting techniques to give you the best in class service.

You and your Loader will be able to message and call each other through the mobile app during the entire project.

Loadz can move most items that can fit in a small to large pickup truck. Common items include: furniture, appliances, TV’s, bbq’s, big box items, home improvement and building materials, and anything else that can fit in a pickup truck.

Loadz cannot move any illegal substances, materials, weapons, or any other illegal items. Overly bulky or heavy items such as; pianos, heavy gun safes, hot tubs, motorcycles, and fountains. Also no pets or critters of any sort.

We make it simple! You start by downloading the app and entering your payment details. Next you schedule your load. Each load has a base fee for the first half hour which is only $59.99 for a Truck and Driver after your initial half hour a fixed per minute fee kicks in which equals $24.00 per each additional half hour. Our next option is for a Truck, Driver, and Delivery Assistant which is only $89.98 for the first half hour then just $42 per each additional half hour based on our per minute fee starting at minute 31. Once the driver arrives and begins helping you load your items the time starts. The time ends once the driver has successfully helped you unloaded all items. It is at that point that fee is charged and you have the option to rate and tip your Loader.

Yes! Some items may be too large or bulky for your Loader to handle on their own. If you are requesting a load for larger items your help will be required or you can order a Truck and 2 Helper option.